About us

About us

The Heyde Hoeve farm is situated in the village of Gerwen, in the municipality of Nuenen. The village is located in the ‘Meierij of ‘s-Hertogenbosch’. The farm is located on farmland which used to belong to the Priory of Hooidonk.


This was a convent of the regular canons of Augustine, near the Nederwetten neighbourhood of Hooidonk. The convent existed from 1146 till 1648. The farm dates back to 1553 and has a long history with a variety of residents. The map of 1836 shows that the surroundings of Heihoef (later on it became Heyde Hoeve) looked very different.


Vincent van Gogh almost certainly roamed around the fields of the Heyde Hoeve. This world-famous painter lived and worked in Nuenen in the period 1883 till 1885. Did he find inspiration for his farm life paintings here? If you take a walk in the surrounding countryside, you still feel the atmosphere of that time! Since 1955 the farm has been owned by the family Schepers. In the old farm they kept cows and pigs. Mien and Karel had five children. Their son Tiny took over his parents’ company and he specialized in the pigs. He is the current owner of the renovated old stables and the farm: the inspiration for the Heihoef cooperative. A cooperative of pig farmers with care and attention for the animals, and with preserving the natural environment.
Our Farmers

Our Farmers


Tiny is an ambitious entrepreneur at the Heyde Hoeve in Nuenen and is also co-founder of the partnership between farmers. The farm has been possessed by the family for 63 years! Take a look at our view location at the Rullen 15 in Nuenen.

“With pork it is about taste and quality, transparency and trust”

Ad is one of the first attendees of the partnership of Heyde Hoeve. A part of the pigs born at the head office of Heyde Hoeve, then go to this passionate farmer, where the pigs grow further till they are ready for the next switch in the chain. Take a look at the view location at de Stad of Gerwen in Nuenen!

“With a lot of pleasure, I take care of my pigs and I’m committed to nature conservation in my surroundings”


Joost is only 28 years ( the youngest pig keeper within Heyde Hoeve) and pig keeper in Heeswijk-Dinther. Together with both parents he runs a farm full of sow and meat pigs. Take a look at the farm at the Vorstenbosseweg 10a!

 “Together we have one mission; deliver the most delicious pork meat with the best possible care for animal and environment!”


Henk lives with his wife and two daugthers in Maarheeze, where their pig business is established with sows and piglets. In Sterksel they have a meat pig business. With passion Henk runs the company, which he adopt from his parents in 1993. Start of summer 2018 his view location will be ready. Come and have a look!

“We want to show the consumer that we value quality!”


Our employees

Our employees

Enthusiastic and passionate and always willing to help you:

Mariëtte Jansen
Responsible for the administration.
Mariëtte is the left- and right hand of our direction.

Babette Maessen
She offers support in many different areas; marketing, purchasing and sales and product development. Babette is a supporter in many ways!




These professionals have an important function within Heyde Hoeve.
Taking care of the sows and pigs! They do this with a lot of love and passion.

Commercieel medewerker buitendienst
Als commercieel medewerker buitendienst weet je met jouw passie en trots slagers te overtuigen van ons succes- en smaakvol vleesconcept. Jesolliciteren werkt fulltime aan het behalen van de commerciële doelstellingen en het opbouwen en onderhouden van relaties.


Met jouw proactivieit, creativiteit en inlevingsvermogen weet
je slagers te enthousiasmeren voor ons vleesconcept. Je bent in staat om het verhaal van varken naar smaakvol vlees over te brengen op slagers. Je hebt affiniteit met de agrarische sector, vlees en food en maakt gemakkelijk contact. Je denkt in kansen en mogelijkheden en hebt de discipline om
zelfstandig te werken en afspraken na te komen.

Ben jij de enthousiaste, creatieve en initiatiefrijke collega die wij zoeken? Stuur je CV en motivatie naar ons toe! Voor meer informatie over de functie, neem contact op met Marie-Louise Raats op telefoonnummer 040 299 08 89 of 06 553 643 77.

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