Together with our partners we take care of a transparant, reliable chain. We cooperate very closely with our feed suppliers, wholesalers, producers and butchers. Involved partners in whom we are proud of!

Our wholesalers

Hems Vlees, our wholesaler for the South of the Netherlands.
Supplier of a complete assortment of quality meat and meat products.

Den Houdijker Vlees, our wholesaler for the middle of the country.
Supplier of a complete assortment of quality meat and meat products.

G. van Dalen’s Vleescentrale, our wholesaler for the North of Holland.
Supplier of quality meat and even an own sausage producing line.

Geertsen Vlees BV, independently operating meat processing- and packaging company.
Geertsen vlees handles the positioning, packaging and distribution of fresh pre-packaged mead and, in addition to supermarkets and butchers, also supplies the meat- processing industry.

Van Olphen Viande Select, meat supplier for catering and care institutions in the southern provinces (North Brabant, Gelderland, South Holland, Utrecht, Zeeland and North Limburg)

De Koning Vlees, meat supplier for the catering and meal industry.
Provides meat and meat products on prescription as well as customized.

Horecaslager van der Heijden, high-quality producer and supplier of meat semi-finished products for kitchens.
The meat company specializes in the production of meat products. This is done on the basis of an order or recipe.

Our producers

Vleesrokerij & Zouterij Ad Reinders
Supplier of meat products, with craftmanship and passion for salting and meat smoking. Specialties from our Heyde Hoeve pig: Coppa, dry sausages and plaza.

Houben Worstenbrood
Supplier of traditional sausage bread with Heyde Hoeve pork minced meat. By passionate, retired bakers rolled by hand in our own bakery.

Charcuterie and other goodies from our own sausage factory, situated in Haarlem. According traditional receipt with as many as possible suitable ingredients.

First Class Bakery
Supplier of high- end quality filled buns. With Heyde Hoeve pork minced meat, they produce sausage bread and sausage bread with Heyde Hoeve label.

Madame Paté
Inge Janson or Madame Paté, sells seceral delicious patés made from the Heyde Hoeve pig. Made by her father, butcher Janson from Heusden. His passionate craftsmanship and traditional artisanal recipe are the basis of Madame Paté.

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