The pig

The pig


The origin of Duroc pigs
Duroc pigs are red brown coloured pigs with hanging ears. There are different stories about the origin of the Duroc breed. Probably the breed is from America. The breed emerged around 1800 from different red pig species. The modern Duroc pig is a cross between the Jersey red and the older Duroc from New York. At the Heyde Hoeve we have our own cross-breeds. The most of our pigs are pink but sometimes there is a nest of red brown piglets!

Healthy meat!
Our pork meat fits in with a healthy menu. Pork meat has a lot of vitamins B1 and B6 and is a source of vitamin B12 and minerals like zinc. Besides that the vitamin B2 delivers minerals, iron, phosphor and selenium. Pork liver is moreover rich in vitamin A. Naturally pork meat contains protein and fat and no carbs (source: Of course our pigs grow without any hormones. With a good climate and a hygienic conditions in the stable, our pigs are healthy. We also use very little medication. To ensure you consume antibiotic-free meat, treated pigs have a legal waiting period before being slaughtered. The waiting period is the prescribed period that needs to expire between the last administration of an animal cure and the acquisition of provisions of this animal. Of course our veterinarian keeps a close eye and registers everything. This is how we can guarantee not only delicious meat but also safe meat!


In October 2012 the Heyde Hoeve pig was chosen as the most durable and delicious pork of the Netherlands. The event was organised by and Urgenda. A tasting jury with culinary Jeroen Thijssen (Trouw), Robert Jeurissen (restaurant Coco Pazzo in Houten) and Johan van Uden (Slagerij Chateaubriand in Heemstede) chose the tastiest of the most innovative submissions . Van Uden: “The decision of the jury was unanimous. If you try the Heyde Hoeve pork meat, you immediately taste the difference. Juicy, good bite and good taste.”


Healthy feed is of great importance for healthy, strong pigs. Good food also contributes to the flavour of the meat. The feed is specially adapted to the Heyde Hoeve pigs. The (dry) feed consists of various grains, supplemented by vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, our meat pigs get a liquid feed. Liquid feed consists of residual flows from the human food industry. An important component is wheat yeast. We also use beer broth from the brewing industry, cheese whey from the dairy industry and potato steam peel from the potato industry. Tasty and healthy for the pigs and also good for the environment (recycling). The piglets stay with their mother for 28 days, where they grow and get mother’s milk. To facilitate the transition from mother’s milk to solid feed, the piglets are fed with pig porridge and chunks. The meat pigs receive a handful of straw every day. This contributes to the natural behaviour of the pig and also ensures good contact between the animal and carer. Of course our pigs have access to fresh water all day long.


The “Nederlandse Vakbond voor Varkenshouders” (Dutch Pig Farmers Union) has made a film about the pig. “The Dutch pig is sustainable, is kept in a more animal-friendly way than anywhere else in the world, our pig is the ultimate recycling animal and our pig farm is leading the way in terms of innovation, quality, animal health and animal welfare.”

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