Heyde Hoeve pork meat is extremely suitable for low & slow cooking on the BBQ. The meat remains tender and juicy during slow cooking above the smoldering charcoal. At the Heyde Hoeve you can take part in a true BBQ experience during one of our Masterclasses that regularly take place at the farm in Nuenen. American BBQ is a real trend! With love and passion for open fire and good meat, our ambassadors create authentic American BBQ dishes out of the barbecue world. At the official BBQ competitions of the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) they battle for the title ‘Grand Champion KCBS’ among other things. Besides that they can regularly be found at the Heyde Hoeve for catering an event or giving a masterclass in low & slow BBQ!
Our ambassadors

Jord Althuizen, world champion whole hog! Smokey Goodness, event and party caterer, specialized in authentic barbecue and cooking on open fire. The Rough Kitchen in the Food halls in Amsterdam, Southern Dutch BBQ.

Tom Raes, Grand champion Rurhpot BBQ (Europe’s biggest BBQ event), catering & masterclasses. BBQ Serial Grillaz, Huddie Lee Stokes, catering & masterclasses BBQ.

Maarten and Leontiende Jong, Big Green Egg specialists, KCBS BBQ competition, experiences BBQ specialists, taking care of demonstrations and workshops.

The possibilities of authentic BBQing are endless!

During a Masterclass all facets of low & slow BBQ will be discussed. Great flavors are created by slowly cooking different dishes at low temperature. During the Masterclass you learn to apply different cooking techniques. You will go home with a lot of knowledge and inspiration with which you can get started (on any BBQ)! Take a look at the available workshops below.

Heyde Hoeve Big Green Egg workshop
Learn everything about the Big Green Egg, from lightning to maintenance. You get to work yourself with this fantastic BBQ and learn to use the different techniques.

Heyde Hoeve Low & Slow BBQ
During the Masterclass low & slow BBQ, you learn different cooking techniques like slow cooking, grill and smoke on charcoal. Topics such as smoking, core temperature, doneness, marinating, glazing, topcoat, rub etc. are discussed.


Always wanted to know more about the possibilities in BBQ?

come together with friends, family or colleagues to Heyde Hoeve for a Masterclass. Learn the tricks of slow cooking, grill and smoke on charcoal. Register at one of below mentioned dates.

Costs of a masterclass are €69,- incl. BBQ buffet and 4 consumptions.

Register here and be surprised by the secrets, recipes and tips by one of our ambassadors and enjoy the delicious dishes!

Workshop* Ambassador Date Price
Heyde Hoeve Big Green Egg workshop Maarten & Leontien 15/07/18

13:00 u – 17:00 u

Heyde Hoeve Low & Slow BBQ Tom Raes 29/07/18

13:00 u – 17:00 u

Heyde Hoeve big green egg workshop Maarten & Leontien 26/08/18

13:00 u – 17:00 u


* The workshop will continue if there are sufficient registrations.



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